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Central Pennsylvania Lacrosse Officials Association - Lancaster Lebanon

A charter granted by the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association during the summer of 2009 established this organization for the responsibility of officiating interscholastic boys lacrosse games in the Lancaster-Lebanon league. In addition, contests in the Berks County league are officiated by this group. Furthermore, lacrosse games played on the various youth levels in these areas are the duties of this officiating body.

The organization of this lacrosse officials association is the result of a spin-off by members of Central Pennsylvania Lacrosse Official Association (CPLOA) based in the Lancaster area. It has been their long held belief that the localization of such functions as training, recruiting, and general administration will contribute to higher quality officiating. This conviction along with the association's commitment to fostering collaboration among other officiating bodies will lead to better lacrosse throughout District Three, all of Pennsylvania, and the Nation. It is the objective of this site to provide direct information to its membership and other interested parties as well as serve as a channel for additional resources.